Mike Dunleavy
A BIG mistake for Alaska

If you’re like most Alaskans, you don’t really know much about Mike Dunleavy.
You’re about to find out.



In 2013 and 2014, Mike Dunleavy tried to pass a Senate resolution (SJR9) pushing for a rewrite of Alaska’s Constitution to allow public money to be siphoned away from public schools to private and religious schools.


Fighting Sex Education and Choice

Alaska has the fourth worst accessibility to sex education in the country, and among the highest rates of unwanted pregnancy, teen birth rate, sexual assault, incest, and rape. Appropriate, scientific sex education and access to birth control are critical to reducing these problems, and yet Sen. Dunleavy spent much of an entire legislative session pushing a pair of bills (SB 89 and SB 191) to restrict sex education in our schools.


Fiscal fantasies & recklessness

Bone-deep cuts to the budget were not enough for Dunleavy who in 2017 proposed an additional $1.1 billion in cuts over the next 4 years to solve Alaska’s fiscal problems. The state’s budget had already been slashed by over 40%, and Dunleavy’s draconian cuts would have to come from education, health care services, transportation and tourism, and result in the loss of an estimated 15,000 jobs.

Flip-Flopped on Crime, Budget, and the PFD!

Dunleavy says he is a big supporter of the PFD, but in 2015, 2016 and 2017 when the rubber met the road, he put the interests of the Republican Majority ahead of Alaskans by voting AGAINST restoring the PFD 7 times in 2017.

Bought and paid for?

Mike Dunleavy can’t seem to get anything done on a level playing field. Right now, those ads you’ve been seeing are being paid for by his wealthy brother Francis Dunleavy from Texas. You may remember him as the JP Morgan hedge fund manager who got rich jacking up energy prices.

When the going gets tough

Dunleavy says he is for smaller government, and even sat on a committee responsible for “federal overreach.” But as a career government employee and politician, he has spent an adult lifetime getting a government paycheck, with all the perks for him and his family. He’s even used his position to give himself a raise.